BAUEN DENTAL Individual Plan

The BAUEN DENTAL plan is an Oral Health and Dental Aesthetic service that allows you, your family and your employees to benefit from various treatments, from a table designed exclusively for all customers, giving access to reduced prices and unlimited use in the clinics with which you agree, ensuring a high level of quality in your care.

The BAUEN DENTAL plan, created and recommended by dentists, allows you to benefit from the most advanced technologies and the best professionals in our network in a simple, direct and unbureaucratic way.

For only 5.80€ per month

The BAUEN DENTAL Plan allows each of its members to have more quality of life through a healthy smile at an affordable price for everyone.

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Free consultations

By joining our oral health plan you have free access to a variety of consultations and treatments.

No grace period

You can immediately start the treatment you need, without further delay or difficulty.

For all ages

No age restrictions, with BAUEN DENTAL age is of no importance.

Immediate use

When you join BAUEN DENTAL Oral Health Plan you have immediate access to treatments, with no waiting period.

Accessible to all

Join our Oral Health Plan and enroll your household.

No limit of use

When you join BAUEN DENTAL Oral Health Plan you have immediate access to treatments, with no waiting period.

Medical acts at BAUEN DENTAL PLAN prices

Dental Consultation/Clinical Examination Free
Emergency Consultation Free
Evaluation Consultation w/ Possible Prescription Free
Teleradiography Free
Orthopamtomography (maximum of 2 per year) Free
Intraoral or apical x-ray Free
Occlusal x-ray Free
Restoration (amalgam or composite) 1-sided or bonded From 20€
Fixed Appliances From €160
Cephalometric Analysis Panoramic Teleradiography + Photographic Study Free

Oral Hygiene/ Scaling/ Polishing (6/6 months) Free
Fissure sealants (1 time until age 10, plus 1 time from age 10 to 15) Free
Fluoride topical application(up to 2 times from 10 years 15 years) Free
Simple exodontia Monoradicular or deciduous Free
Simple exodontia Multi-radicular or deciduous Free
Incision, drainage and curettage of abscesses, buccal route Free
Implantological study (includes panoramic X-ray) Free
Surgery for placing an Implant 500,00 €
Tooth Whitening (Each Jaw) From €75