Oral health is one of the pillars of our well-being.

Everyone should take care of their oral health - that's our main principle! - and that's why we've put together a table with you in mind. Contact us for information about the conditions of membership.

Areas of dentistry

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene aims at the prevention of oral diseases, their diagnosis and the maintenance of oral health.

Restorative Dentistry

It is an area responsible for restoring teeth that have caries lesions or fractures, restoring their function, colour and shape.


Endodontics is an area aimed at treating pathologies of the pulp (commonly known as the nerve).


It is an area specialised in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental alterations (malposition of the teeth).


It is an area aimed at restoring and maintaining the functions of the maxillo-mandibular complex through the placement of removable and fixed prostheses.


It is an area of diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases, (responsible for the bonding and stability of the teeth in the jaws).

Oral Surgery

This is an area of diagnosis and surgical treatment, lesions and pathologies of the oral cavity, namely extraction of wisdom teeth, removal of cysts, pre-prosthetic surgery, among others.


Implantology is oral rehabilitation through the placement of implants.

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